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Each community has an Energy Village that provides alternatively-generated energy to serve community requirements.

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The Delmas House

Woodworkers Guild of America Woodworkers Guild of America

We provide our customers with premier instructional woodworking videos and articles, and we aim to foster a community where woodworkers – whether new hobbyists or seasoned professionals – can join together to exchange and share their ideas and experiences. Ultimately, we want to keep you happy, healthy and busy in the workshop!

Direct Community Model

Direct Community Model

Direct Community Model

In the DIRECT Group we don't believe we can conquer the world but we can create self-sustaining communities that eventually can be connected to create a dominant community-based world roll-out.

Direct Holdings (Pty) Ltd has developed a people's solution to the world economic meltdown.

This first-to-market "People's Economic Model" - a system of economics by the people for the people - brings world-class technology to the people at the place of consumption.

This model will assit a large number of countries from falling into economic turmoil.

The DIRECT Community Group facilitates the building of self-sustainable, wealth generating micro economic communities as a catalyst for socio-economic development.

The DIRECT Community Solution addresses systemic poverty alleviation in developing countries with innovative business principles, technolgoy and building sciences, pioneered with third world environments in mind.

The DIRECT Community Solution will allow the community to restore their dignity, hope and a sense of self belief which will assist in the setting of goals and values and will establish a sense of giving.

We believe that through careful town planning, based on sound economic principles and our extensive research, we can build communities that are self-sustainable from both an economic and an environmental standpoint.

Our agri-living communities are designed according to our closed loop economic model which is designed to reduce the cost of living within our societies and to ensure that money circulates in a tight loop.

Beacause our communities are societies of like-minded people dedicated to working and socialising together and to raising each other, our communities support enterprises that supply goods and services within the community.

Our agri-villages are entirely self-contained in that they produce their own food, generate their own power and process their own waste.

Our hierarchy of retail ensure that shopping takes place at village, town and city level.

Our hierarchy of transport system reduces the cost in time and money on transport.

Most of our community members work from home, further reducing their costs.

The model follows an "earth-to-pot" philosophy by stimulating organic agriculture as a means of income generation and a way to overcome high food prices.

These are closed loop, net cash-positive communities, communities that are designed to reduce costs, circulate income as tightly as possible, that trade with one another in order to avoid leakage of income and that aggregate their agricultural and other output to on-sell to the world under one brand.

DIRECT communities are Green Living Cities. 

In terms of this strategy, local communities plan three months in advance whatever they wish to consume, after which they either plant a crop or begin production of chickens for example.

Our world-class technology and vigilant monitoring systems are utilised to produce the best quality and uniform produce.  In this system there are no middlement and the evils of tranport, packaging and marketing costs are thus eliminated.

Our local communities agree to support one another and so there is a guaranteed off-take.  Surplus is traded with other like-minded communities.

Each Green Living City will consist of a "Green Living Community" and a "Green Living Village".

  • DIRECT Village     -    200 homes
  • DIRECT Town       - 1 000 homes
  • DIRECT City          - 5 000 homes

Our communities are designed to produce the best products in the world at the most affordable prices, while trading with each other and the world through aggregating their production output.

In order to achieve this, DIRECT Communities must adhere to the DIRECT concepts which determine production standards and quality.

While our first priority is to ensure the economic viability of communities, they will also be structured to pool resources, expertise, knowledge and production ability to unite under a single brand and meet world demand for products.

Our communities are designed to ensure that our members enjoy a second income that will eventually become a full-time occupation.

Our model allows for constant monitoring and a realignment of strategy to ensure the planning of sustainable cities.

Our communities place emphasis on the town square as the focal point of our societies, where like-minded people can socialise in a secure environment.

Our communities do not transfer any of our waste onto other societies, or other property.  We process our own sewerage on site, we keep our own storm water on site and we process our own waste on site in the most environmentally effective way.

We then reduce the consumption of electricity and if necessary physically produce enough electricity for us to sustain our communities.

We ensure capital growth to the point where people aspire to become part of our communities.

Our buildings are looked after and our children receive the best education, allowing them to leapfrog into the next generation.  They will not need to leave the community to aspire to the highest levels of achievement.

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