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Each community has an Energy Village that provides alternatively-generated energy to serve community requirements.

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The Delmas House

Woodworkers Guild of America Woodworkers Guild of America

We provide our customers with premier instructional woodworking videos and articles, and we aim to foster a community where woodworkers – whether new hobbyists or seasoned professionals – can join together to exchange and share their ideas and experiences. Ultimately, we want to keep you happy, healthy and busy in the workshop!

The African Tale Project

The African Tale Project in the City of Tshwane, South Africa, has developed a planned community model which combines:

•  An African themed theme park

•  90,000 Residential houses

•  450,000 square metres of Office space

•  300,000 square metres of Retail space

The African Tale Theme Park will serve as a "must see” world class attraction through a planned nature experience, which will showcase the rich cultural heritage and wildlife of South Africa.

The ATTTP will also work hand in hand with all existing tourist attractions to encourage tourism within South Africa.  Additionally, the ATTTP will work with the iconic attractions throughout Africa and tell the story of the entire continent.

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