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Direct Energy Direct Energy

Each community has an Energy Village that provides alternatively-generated energy to serve community requirements.

Direct Group Projects Direct Group Projects

The Delmas House

Woodworkers Guild of America Woodworkers Guild of America

We provide our customers with premier instructional woodworking videos and articles, and we aim to foster a community where woodworkers – whether new hobbyists or seasoned professionals – can join together to exchange and share their ideas and experiences. Ultimately, we want to keep you happy, healthy and busy in the workshop!

Direct Compliance

This division will oversee and monitor group compliance with environmental practices, the Direct Life, Community,
Development and Economic models, SABS and other technological standards.

The EEZI building system and all the DIRECT models will be governed by the highest world standards, using our hi-tech systems to monitor and audit all facets of the businesses on a minute-to-minute basis.

We will apply for Green Leaf environmental compliance certification, Green Building Council certification and enforcement.

Our building system has its own standards to meet, including the lightweight steel we use and the expanded polystyrene.

The system will ensure that the group is meeting its obligation in terms of structural strength, thermal efficiency, acoustics, fire ratings, water penetration, waste management etc.

There will be an internal compliance structure to ensure that all participants in our eco-system are complying with our values, ethos and charters.

This division will ensure that all training and accreditation is on track.

These systems are designed to ensure efficiency, productivity and profitability.

However, they are also designed to offer concrete evidence to our brand partners that their investment is returning

It is a measure of our performance in terms of empowerment, small enterprise development and outreach programmes.

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