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Direct Energy Direct Energy

Each community has an Energy Village that provides alternatively-generated energy to serve community requirements.

Direct Group Projects Direct Group Projects

The Delmas House

Woodworkers Guild of America Woodworkers Guild of America

We provide our customers with premier instructional woodworking videos and articles, and we aim to foster a community where woodworkers – whether new hobbyists or seasoned professionals – can join together to exchange and share their ideas and experiences. Ultimately, we want to keep you happy, healthy and busy in the workshop!

Direct Closed Loop Banking

Closed loop banking cuts the costs of switching when trading with and between DIRECT communities.

In all, closed loop banking saves up to 60% in charges.

This is mostly due to the fact that it operates on a virtual platform and is therefore not tied in to the brick-and-mortar legacy structure of traditional banking, which results in high overheads, which are passed on to the consumer through multiple-tier profit levels.

We can offer the best services using the latest technology to select and privileged communities, thus lowering the cost of banking and physically bringing the communities closer together.

The system is Visa approved, which means that cardholders can also operate in traditional open loop existing systems.

Our closed-loop virtual banking model uses existing retailers as contact points and supplies cheaper banking on an advanced technology platform that has not yet been seen in developed countries.

DIRECT Banking is a simple and secure, patented e-commerce way for consumers to spend online or over the phone using cash. The bank has a revolutionary online payments platform named D-Kash.

D-Kash is a cash-based platform where credit or debit cards are not required. D-Kash works like mobile phone pre-paid electronic top-ups and enables consumers to effectively pre-pay for online purchases using cash.

D-Kash is for people who have credit or debit cards but don't wish to use them online. D-Kash is also aimed at people who do not hold payment cards at all, opening up internet shopping for this group for what is effectively the first time.

The system has been tested in Europe in the past two years. D-Kash uses vouchers available from most stores, where electronic mobile top-ups are sold. Customers exchange cash for D-Kash vouchers and spend the value online at merchants displaying the D-Kash payment brand in real-time.

D-Kash makes banking available to the un-bankable through secure, instant and flexible solutions.

Our compression and scrambling and unscrambling technology is employed to ensure the highest level of security in transacting systems.


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