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Each community has an Energy Village that provides alternatively-generated energy to serve community requirements.

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The Delmas House

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Direct Housing

Outside view

Outside view

Outside view

Outside view

Double Story First Floor Plan

Double Story First Floor Plan

DIRECT Housing provides a housing solution to South Africa that:

•  Achieves best corporate compliance and governance in line with global best practice

•  Seeks demand-driven business achieving inclusive ownership, management, cooperation and partnership

•  Addresses poverty alleviation, joblessness and economic benefits within and beyond our boundaries through an all-inclusive system; and

•  Impacts impoverished family groups through socially responsible best practice.

DIRECT Housing uses a modular interlocking building system to deliver economic housing, retail and industrial walling, as well as thermal and acoustic construction that is superior to existing building systems and is durable, structurally certified and easy to build and transport.

Developed by the EEZI Group, the EEZI Modular Interlocking Building System™ is a ground-breaking building methodology innovated as an ideal solution for building in Africa and other developing countries.

An average sized house can be constructed within 12-21 days on a large scale and the system overcomes most of the logistical problems of conventional building methods.

The most important quality is that a high degree of aesthetic quality can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of building a traditional house. The technology brings back a quality of craftsmanship and finish that has long been lost.

DIRECT Housing has undertaken extensive research into design, planning and space optimisation.  Our planning principles include all aspects of economic, civil engineering, town planning and architectural design.

The concept, however, adopts an architectural bias motivated by the following statement:

"Housing planning and design should primarily optimise space and in doing so create an open approach to house planning.”

Housing Principles

The concept starts with the house and not the plot. The design is African in context with the following principles:

•  No area is wasted

•  All walls are utilised

•  Boundary lines are not always straight

•  Cost effective construction techniques used

•  Façades are visibly different

•  Instantly recognisable

•  Integrated walling, plumbing and electrical solutions

•  Small passages and high ceilings; and

•  Shared space.

Maximising open space is critical to the success of the concept; as such the design and planning process adopts a puzzle configuration to address all infrastructure services.

The result is effective infrastructure pricing, material utilisation, size optimisation and construction added value.

Town Planning

We believe town planning must be undertaken with the community in mind.

We also believe that densification is not about the creation of smaller homes, but rather about creating bigger homes and encouraging more family members to live in them; creating six to eight bedroom homes, rather than two-bedroomed boxes.

In the 1980's "low cost” housing and town planning was done in a manner that created breeding grounds for "slums”.

The plot was very small, with the house built at the back of the ground.  Our research conducted in India highlighted that the Indian housing methodologies advocate that houses be built at the front of the stand, enabling trade into the street.

Another interesting aspect we based the model on is that Indian houses go up a storey, allowing for trading space at the bottom or creating a rental income for the owner at the top. Bigger houses with more living space allow for alternative income streams and shared costs.

Construction Principles

DIRECT Housing construction is configured in 2, 3 and 4 bedroom designs through a central operational point to reduce cost and time in the following factors:

•  Walling system design

•  Labour

•  Material usage

•  Assembly and erection

•  Theft;  and

•  Transportation

Local Authority Prioritisation

The concept requires the following prerequisites:

•  Private sector driven

•  Municipal adoption and buy-in

•  Municipal Manager authority

•  Municipal Manager accessibility

•  Dedicated municipal contact point

•  Special time frame approvals

•  Adherence to municipal amended BBBEE-PFMA; and

•  BBBEE compliance.


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